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Hurghada, a coastal city located in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt, has undergone significant growth over the years. From its humble beginnings as a small fishing village, it has transformed into one of the most prominent resort destinations along the Red Sea coast, spanning nearly 40 km.


Hurghada, now a city, was a fishing village initially settled in 1905. Oil was discovered in 1913 and production began in 1921 by British oil companies. During King Farouk's reign, a recreational center was built but was later reallocated to the Egyptian Armed Forces. In 1967-70, Egyptian troops fortified Shadwan Island for use as a radar post during the War of Attrition. In 1970, the island was occupied by Israeli troops for 36 hours during Operation Rhodes. Hurghada harbor was the target of four Israeli operations during the 1973 October War. In 1994, two Egyptians and a German tourist were killed in a drive-by shooting. In 2016, three tourists were wounded in a terrorist attack, and in 2017, seven female tourists were stabbed, resulting in the deaths of two German women and one Czech woman, in terrorist attacks.

Hurghada Attractions

Discover the Jewel of the Red Sea

Hurghada is known for beach vacations, water sports, and diving due to its location between the Red Sea and Egypt's desert. You can snorkel and explore Giftun and Mahmaya Islands. Old Town and souks offer history, while a desert safari can take you further afield. Day tours to Nile River monuments are recommended for archaeology enthusiasts.

Experience Hurghada's Beach Life

Take a Boat Trip to the Giftun Islands

Dive the Sites of the Straits of Gubal

Explore the Desert by Jeep or Quad Bike

Diving at Gota Abu Ramada

See amazing sand art at Sand City Hurghada.

Take a boat tour to Orange Bay

Visit Selkhet Papyrus Museum to learn about the first form of paper.

Visit Mahmya Island for a day trip.

Scuba dive in Egypt's top spot!

Explore Old Town Sahl Hasheesh.

Visit Mini Egypt Park, see Egypt's monuments up close.

Visit Luxor for a day trip.

Explore El Mina Mosque interiors.

Visit Hurghada Museum, explore the world of Pharaohs.

Make a splash at Makadi Bay Aqua Park

Submarine trip to Red Sea's depths.

Visit Dolphin World with your kids.

Relax by the Jungle Aqua Park pool.

Visit Cairo for a day trip.

Discover Saint Shenouda Church.

Watch fun dolphins

Spend the day at nature-filled Utopia Island

Parasail over Hurghada for a bird's eye view.

Valley of the Nobles

Valley of the Queens

Deir El Medina

The Karnak Cachette

Medinet Habu


Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

Felucca Ride to Banana Island

Temple of Horus at Edfu

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